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At Topsail Frame Shop & Art Gallery in Holly Ridge, North Carolina, we have a wide variety of frames for you to choose from. Among our vast selection, we have shadow box frames, perfect for displaying special mementos that mean the most to you. Our shadow box frames feature an enclosed display case with a glass front picture frame that can showcase your most valued possessions. Most picture frames allow you to only frame a picture or piece of art, but our shadow box frames allow you to frame anything three-dimensional. 

Don’t settle for less by buying generic frames that won’t do your piece of art justice. Let us carefully craft something for you that will frame any piece of art, special possessions, or memorabilia that is special to you. Our shadow box frames are crafted to fit your specific needs and desires, creating a frame that will last to showcase the things that are important to you. 

Contact us today for more information on our shadow box frames and how we can create something perfect for you.

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